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Silver City is a stunning silver-gray finish that was inspired by the beautiful silver and gray barn wood structures found in Butte, MT. The peel-and-stick application gives you endless possibilities – create accent walls, doors, stunning ceilings, and more!


  • 25 square feet per box
  • 1′-5′ random length pieces
  • $5.00/ Sq. Ft.


“Silver City” was the second color developed for the Montana Ghost Wood product lineup. The original idea was to replicate the silver-gray appearance of reclaimed barn wood seen in other parts of the country. Perfecting this color was not nearly as easy as the original Bannack Brown color, but once again, after countless hours, trial and error, we did.


Inspired by Butte, Montana, the original name we chose was Silver Bow, after Silver Bow County. This historic area has some of the most beautiful silver and gray barn wood structures in the county.


Butte, which sits in the Silver Bow Creek Valley astride the Continental Divide, has one of the most amazing stories in U.S. history. Because Butte is close to home, and many of our relatives still live there, it was an easy choice for our second color selection, and “Silver City” was born.

Silver City // Peel & Stick

$140.00 Regular Price
$105.00Sale Price
1 Square foot
  • Each box includes 25 square feet of random length pieces. The pieces are equipped with double sided tape for easy installation and removal. 

    Weight: 10 lbs

    Dimensions: 60 x 6 x 6

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