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Installation Guide



Montana Ghost Wood® products should arrive at the job site paper wrapped and on stringers. Proper acclimation of this product is essential to favorable product performance. The goal is for the moisture content of this product to be as close as possible to that of the place of usage.

  • Locate this product as close to the point of usage as is practicable. (For indoors, locate in the room of usage.)

  • Block off of the ground, stack using spacers between the layers to allow for free air circulation. Cover the top only and protect from direct sunlight and precipitation.

  • Allow to acclimate for 10-14 days or longer depending on conditions.



Use any standard wood cutting blade. All field cut ends must be sealed with Montana Ghost Wood® touch up latex stain available from the manufacturer.


Ring Shank nails or screws are recommended with a minimum stud penetration depth of 1 1⁄2”, 16” on center recommended but not to exceed 24” on center. For vertical applications blocking needs to be added to framing members 16” on center recommended for adequate fastening. Products should be fastened starting from one end to the other, not from ends to middle. Do not nail through overlapping pieces. Nailing close to the edges without drilling pilot holes can cause the product to split.


Joining of Montana Ghost Wood® products should be done with a 22.5 degree scarf cut, and should only fall on a framing stud member, insuring both ends are double nailed. All joints may be caulked with a high quality flexible exterior caulk.

Moisture Control

Application of this product should take place in dry conditions. Do not apply products over wet sheathing. Do not apply closer than 6” to finished grade or final landscaping. This product should be properly flashed when close to brick ledges, concrete flatwork, and installed no closer than 1⁄2” to these conditions. 30lb felt, metal flashing, polyethylene film, or a 1⁄2” air space using masonry standoffs are acceptable barriers in these conditions.


Montana Ghost Wood® products are new wood, designed and intended to mimic “reclaimed woods” appearance and aesthetic appeal. Colors are intended to change depending upon location and exposure to UV light and weather much the same in appearance to that of rustic, old unmaintained buildings of the west. A tinted UV top coat may be applied periodically to minimize color change but it will not completely prevent the continued natural aging and color changes this product was designed for.

How To Measure

First, find the length and height of your space in inches. 

Multiple the two numbers together. 

Divide the sum by 144. 

This is the total square footage of material you will need to cover the space. 

How To Cut

You can cut Montana Ghost Wood with any saw of your choice. You need to pay special attention to the blade you are using. We recommend a fine-tooth blade or a finishing blade.

How To Install

Make sure you clean the wall and remove any dust or debris. 

DO NOT APPLY TO BARE DRYWALL. Start by painting or priming your wall. 

Make sure baseboards are level.

Measure and mark increments of 5″, marking with a chalk line to ensure you’re staying level. 

Peel and stick the product starting at the baseboard in a straight line. 

Use a J-Roller to apply pressure to each board.

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